Andre 3000 To Cover Beatles and Muddy Waters Hits On Forthcoming Jimi Hendrix Biopic

(AllHipHop News) Outkast member Andre 3000 is set to cover the hits of some of music's most legendary artists, as he records and films for the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic.

According to CNN, All By My Side, in production for the past four months and set in London in the late '60s, will include Andre 3000 remakes from The Beatles ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and more), along with Blues legend Muddy Waters ("Mannish Boy"), Elmore James, and others.

Filmgoers will not hear original songs, however, from Hendrix's hugely popular but short-lived career.

The guitarist who passed away at age 27 left a bevy of music, but his estate has refused to license his hits for the upcoming film or virtually any other requests in recent years.

Experience Hendrix LLC, overseer of the Hendrix estate, spoke out last month regarding the movie. According to Hendrix's sister Janie who also runs the company, Hendrix's estate "has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation."

Despite the lack of original music, watchers are already lauding Andre 3000's embrace of the legendary guitarist's likeness and mannerisms.

Andre 3000

"Andre has been Jimi for four months now," says Sean McKittrick, co-producer of the film that is currently shooting in Dublin, Ireland. "He speaks and walks like Jimi. He dropped a ton of weight. The transformation has been amazing."

Adds McKittrick, it was " recreate 1967 London."

The film is set to show at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2013, with the release to follow, along with a possible full soundtrack of Andre 3000 covers.