Andrea Kelly's Rep Responds To A Viral Video Of Her Singing R. Kelly's Song

Drea is also reportedly open to Kellz connecting with their children again.

(AllHipHop News) The pop culture world is still reeling from the information presented in the damning Surviving R. Kelly docuseries. Robert Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly was one of the women that allegedly suffered significant trauma at the hands of the 12 Play creator.

Andrea appeared in the Lifetime program, and she gave her account of being mentally and physically abused by R. Kelly. The former couple got married in 1996 and had three kids together. Their divorce was finalized in 2009.

Some viewers were shocked to see a Facebook Live video of Drea singing Kelly's 2004 song "Happy People." A representative for the choreographer addressed the viral clip.

"This [video] in no way should be perceived as an extension of support for R. Kelly, but should be viewed as a statement of her strength and not having been defeated," the rep told TMZ, adding that the video is several years old and people heal from emotional pain in different ways.

Plus, the source offered that Andrea is not against Robert reaching out to their children. Jay and Joann are over the age of 18. Robert Jr. is said to be around 17.

It's not clear if Jay, Joann, and Rob are interested in speaking to their father. Apparently, they have not heard from him in months.

The children supposedly fully understand the sexual misconduct, mental manipulation, and pedophilia accusations that are being leveled against their father. R. Kelly denies all the allegations.

Andre released her own statement via Instagram:

Thank God for his grace,guidance,love AND deliverance. I celebrate the women I am TODAY! Though some want “expose” the pain filled, scared,abused women I was.....STOP! I AM No longer afraid. No longer willing to silence my PAIN AND SUGARCOAT THE ABUSE I ENDURED because of how my abuser and his LEGAL TEAM were THREATENING to come against me if I “didn’t choose wisely.” NO MORE! Don’t speak about MY GROWTH OR JOURNEY especially if you have NEVER BEEN ABUSED. And for the ones that have endured my pain and have been in the place I WAS IN YEARS in IN MY PAST😳YOU’RE NOT ALONG. From covering bruises and saying you “bumped into the counter” to telling his co-workers he a wonderful provider and a “good man” to avoid a beating for saying the opposite....I was you! I want you to know you don’t have to cover for your abuser ANY MORE!!! It took a lot of therapy and even more tears to know what I know TODAY!!!! Oh did I say TODAY!!!! PS....WHAT I DID or SAID SHOULD NEVER BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHY I DID IT OR SAID IT. Do your research on #domesticviolence and the #cycles #signsand #effects before you deem yourself JUDGE AND JURY!!! OH I HAVE SOOOO MUCH MORE TO SAY AND I WILL VERY SOON!!!! #survivor IAMDREAKELLY......


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