Angela Simmons New Executive Editor Of Word Up! Launching New Teen Publication


Simmons, daughter of rap pioneer Joseph "Rev. Run" Simmons, has hooked

up with Word Up! magazine to launch a new magazine for teens. The

monthly publication, titled Angela’s Rundown, will target youths age

14-18 and cover teen issues, style, music and fashion while offering fashion tips

and in-depth celebrity interviews. Among

those featured in the first issue will be Kimora Lee Simmons, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo

and Bow Wow."It

feels good. I feel empowered. I’m happy with it," Angela Simmons told "It’s a great opportunity for me. It connects back to

what I like to do, which is fashion and I want to be a fashion designer. So everything

that’s in the magazine is what I love."Angela’s

Rundown is the end result of Angela’s desire to start her own full-fledged

magazine, after distributing a newsletter/mini-version of the publication at her

school. Viewers

got a chance to witness the magazine’s creation on MTV’s show Run’s

House. The first seven issues of the publication will be packaged and sold

with Word Up! as part of an agreement between Angela, Rev. Run and Word

Up! founder Scott Figman.Once

the magazine gains acceptance, it will spin off as it's own full-fledged publication,

according to Figman. Additionally,

Angela will become the new executive editor of Word Up!, said Figman, who

embraced the opportunity to work with the young businesswoman."Angela

showed me a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of creative ability and the willingness to

work hard and join forces with us. And I was very impressed with her. She’s

going to have a nice long career," Figman said."The

exciting thing about this is she’ll be a teen that owns a teen magazine.

And you don’t see many 18-year-olds who have their own magazine and taking

on all this responsibility," said Rev. Run, who believes the magazine will

fill the void left by recently defunct publication Teen People. "First

of all, I believe that Angela has a mindset that would service her community better

than anyone," Rev. Run said. "I don’t think that there’s anyone

that can talk to teens better than teens, but I don’t think people understood

that...for somebody to invest this type of money into a young kid says a lot about

this kid. In the state of magazines right now, it also says something. So we’re

very excited over here. Me and my brother and the family. It’s just pretty

unbelievable to us that we can have this going on."In

addition to Angela, Rev. Run revealed that her brother Diggy will step into the

world of journalism with his own Word Up! column, titled "Diggy’s

Doin’ It." Despite

pulling double duty as executive editor of Word Up! and publisher of Angela's

Rundown, Angela is up for the challenge."Yes,

it’s definitely going to be a task, but I know that I have a lot of help

there at the same time," she admitted. "It doesn’t all fall on

me because I have a team there working with me. It probably will be a little bit

of a challenge, but I’m up for it. It’s worth it."The

premier issue of Angela's Rundown hits newsstands next week. The

creation of Angela's Rundown comes on the heels of MTV's recent decision

to renew Run's House for a third season. Taping

for the new season begins Sept. 26, stated Rev. Run, who added that the new episodes

will be preceded by a Christmas special. "It

was a big deal," Rev. Run told about the renewal. "We

jumped up and down because it’s not easy to get this type of show, especially

on MTV, the type of show that we have. It’s like a sore thumb. Everything

else looks totally different from our show on MTV. MTV has one look. Run’s

House has another. So how it fits there is really pretty amazing. It’s