Angie Martinez Takes Maternity Leave; Celebrates

In an on-air baby shower, the staff, admirers and friends of Hot 97's Angie Martinez wished the expectant mother well as she worked her last day at the station prior to her maternity leave.

Martinez received gifts like a Burberry robe, a rosery from Jacob The Jeweler, a car seat from co-worker Funk Flex and a near-innumberable number of high-end gifts that filled the station.

"I'm still taking care of business," she said joking about her last day. "Its too much, its too much. There's balloons everywhere there's flowers and presents everywere. Who could not be happy on a day like this?"

Dru Hill's Nokio, the father of the baby, said that he was estatic about the propspect of having another child and being with Angie.

"That's my girl, that's my baby," Angie's beau Nokio told "We been friends for a while. "This is my seond child, I'ma have two boys. My first child is Jordan, (my) big son."

[Click here to WATCH to Nokio talk about his love for Angie.]

The tears finally came when her mother Shirley Maldonado, a former staffer at a Miami radio station, called in with her congrats. which caused Martinez to spill tears joyfully.

"I'm very, very proud of you. My heart is ready to explode," Angie's mother said.

Others like Busta Rhymes, Derek Angeletti and Common called in to congratulate the radio personality and DJ.

"You bout to be the Moms. I just wanted to send blessings to you and yours," Common said. "Its going to be beautiful, its going to be hard. Love is the greatest thing."

Then Angie proceeded to play "Love of my Life," a song that features both Common and his future wife Erykah Badu.

Martinez got her start in radio through her mother,who was employed as radio station program director in Miami. Martinez did grunt work like manning the office phones and driving the station's van. At 16, she received her first part time job at a radio station and her career has soared through the years.

As a rapper, she started with Krs-ONE on his I Got Next CD on the song “Heartbeat,” which also featured New Jersey rapper Redman. She has released to albums as a solo artist, 2002’s Animal House and 2001’s Up Close and Personal