Another 16-Year-Old Arrested For Shooting Rapper C Glizzy In The Head

The cops have nabbed another teen for the shocking shooting earlier this month.

(AllHipHop News) A teenager in Pompano Beach, Florida is behind bars for trying to kill local rapper C Glizzy.

C Glizzy, born Christian Moore, is an upcoming rapper affiliated with XXXTentacion.

The rapper was shot on Saturday, June 15, after he argued with several other people as he left leaving a convenience store in the city.

C Glizzy's brother and another associate tried to rush the wounded teenager to Broward Health North, but they crashed their car into a wall on I-95.

Luckily, some good samaritans picked the trio up and took them to the hospital, where the 16-year-old immediately underwent surgery to remove a bullet from his skull.

He is still in serious condition.

Local police have charged another 16-year-old teen with attempted murder for the brazen shooting, but his name has not been released due to his age.

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FIRST the writer says ‘The Rapper was shot and KILLED’, then says he was ‘Still in Serious Condition’ ?...which one is it. And also he was shot while he ‘left leaving the store’???....Mannnnnn, the writers here are ALWAYS writing some jacked-up stories with a bouncy of grammatical errors. SOMEBODY PLEASE START PROOFREADING!!!!!