Another Death For Ice-T's Group Body Count

Body Count guitarist

Dennis “D-Roc” Miles passed away yesterday morning (August 17) after

a battle with a disease that attacked his lymph nodes and skin.

Miles, a member

of the group fronted by veteran rapper Ice-T, was suffering with mycosis fungoides,

a disease that has no known cure.

He passed away

at the City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte California. According to Ice-T,

death has been visiting the group often and is what has stopped Body Count from

producing albums.

“Body Count

stopped because of death,” Ice-T told in December of 2003.

“Beatmaster V, the drummer died of leukemia and Mooseman the bass player

got killed in the hood just standing on the corner. He was in his neighborhood

and n*ggas just rode up and blasted because he lives in a gang area and was

at just wrong place wrong time. Having lost the two members we couldn't get

that chemistry with new players, so it just took a while and then also the world

got kind of complacent. The war kind of brought back that energy we needed for

Body Count to exist. It's an aggressive band and I'm singing about sh*t . When

everybody happy and bling blinging and spinning their rims we sound a little


The band has replaced

Miles with Bendrix Williams, who has worked with such acts as Macy Gray and

Pitch Black.

Body Count is working

on Murder for Hire, their first album in seven years, titled Murder for