Another Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Car Dealer Over Ads Featuring Snoop

A car dealership in

Philadelphia has been hit with a second lawsuit from another superstar, rapper,

Snoop Dogg.

Snoop filed the complaint against Gary Barbera Enterprises,

the car dealership that was hit with a lawsuit by 50 Cent on August 19, for

trademark infringement.

The company ran ads featuring a superimposed image of Snoop

Dogg on August 22, just three days after 50 Cent filed his lawsuit.

The ads, which ran in the Philadelphia Daily News, also featured

the tagline "Is Bar-Bizzle the Sh-izzle? Boy I Gu-izzle.”

Snoop is seeking over $2 million dollars for trademark infringement,

unfair competition and violating the rapper’s privacy.

50 Cent is suing Gary Barbera Enterprises for the similar trademark

violations and is seeking $1 million dollars.


marketing director said they had permission to use 50 Cent in the ad because

of their role in a contest held by local radio station Wired 96.5. A representative

for Barbera also stated they were “working it out” with representatives

of Snoop Dogg.