Another Sex Tape Featuring R. Kelly Having Anal Sex, Choking Teen Surfaces

The singer may never see the light of day in the face of all the damning evidence.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly may be free, but he has a mountain of issues to face, because of two newly surfaced sex tapes featuring the singer abusing children.

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has just revealed he has a second sex tape featuring R. Kelly abusing a young girl, and he will be handing them over to prosecutors today.

The second tape reportedly shows R. Kelly "coaching" the girl in sexual techniques, choking her and having anal intercourse.

According to reports, Michael Avenatti is also in the process of obtaining a third tape featuring a different girl.

This tape is in addition to a recent, 45-minute tape in the hands of the FBI, which allegedly features R. Kelly and a 14-year-old girl having sex. The girl calls him "daddy," and he also urinates on her.

Michael Avenatti has said the latest videos are different from the earlier video of R. Kelly urinating on a 13-year-old teen in 2002.

R. Kelly, who is accused of brainwashing multiple women and holding them hostage as part of

Kelly, who was acquitted of child pornography charges back in 2008, was in court this afternoon to face 10 felony charges for sexually assaulting three teens from 1998-2010.

He pleaded not guilty. Peep what his lawyer had to say as a defense.

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