ANTRA To Be Distributed By Artemis


Music Group announced

Thursday it has entered into a distribution agreement with Artemis

Records, which in turn is distributed by RED, a division of Sony.

Artemis is headed by Danny Goldberg who is one of the leading

executives in the recording industry.


to Joseph Marrone the reason for the signing with Artemis was

to incorporate the talent and experience of Danny Goldberg and

his team to assist in the promotion and distribution of the music.

Danny Goldberg from 1995 to 1998 was chairman, CEO and president

of the Mercury Records Group, Polygram's largest US division.

According to Soundscan the music industry standard for sales,

in 1998 Mercury Records Group was the number one record label

in the U.S. for current product year. The Mercury Records Group

included Mercury, Motown, Def Jam, Deutsche Grammophon, London

Classics and Phillips. Hit artists on these labels include Shania

Twain, Boyz II Men, Andrea Bocelli, Brian McKnight, Kiss, Jay-Z,

and LL Cool J.


company also announced the forthcoming release of its next album

"The Streets" performed by Kurupt, scheduled for Oct.

19, 1999 with tracks produced by Daz, and Dr. Dre. The company's

second release is planned for the first quarter of 2000. "We

plan to release an additional 3 to 5 albums during calendar year

2000," according to Joseph Marrone, CEO.

"The distribution agreement replaces our former joint venture

and enables us to retain exclusive ownership of all master recordings.

This will allow us to build a substantial catalogue while maximizing

our profits," confirmed Marrone.