ANTRA To Distribute Miramax Film


Music Group announced that it has signed an agreement with

Miramax Films to produce and distribute the soundtrack/full-length

album to the movie ``O,'' a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's

Othello, starring Martin Sheen, John Heard (Beaches) and supported

by some of today's leading teen celebrities including Mekhi Phifer

(Clockers, Soul Food and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer),

Julia Stiles (Down To You, NBC's The `60's and Ten Things I Hate

About You).

This project, which

represents a major milestone in the emergence of ANTRA as a leading

record label, is the second of two (2) full-length major motion

picture soundtrack that are scheduled to be produced and released

by the Company in 2000, and additionally, establishes an important

relationship with Miramax Films, one of the entertainment industry's

most prominent and successful a motion picture film companies.

The album will feature

tracks from ANTRA's roster of artists including Kurupt, Sheeba

Black, the Spooks and newcomer to the ANTRA group, Crush. In addition,

other artists appearing are Outkast, Blackstar and Noreaga. The

first original soundtrack to be produced under the ANTRA label

in 2000 will be the forthcoming release of ``Once in A Life,''

featuring the directorial debut of Laurence Fishburne.

Joe Marrone, Chairman/CEO

of ANTRA commented, ``I am extremely excited to be working work

with Miramax Films one of the film industry's most prominent companies.

The immediate adaptation of ANTRA artists and music to the film

exemplifies the enormous potential of the ANTRA products that

we are producing and releasing. It also shows how powerful ANTRA

has become and establishes an important strategic relationship

for our Company."