Apl.de.Ap Organizes Relief Efforts for Phillipine Hurricane Victims

AllHipHop Staff

The Black-Eyed Pea’s Apl.de.Ap is reaching out to fans in hopes that they will support his efforts to raise relief funds for flood victims in his native Philippines.

In a statement released today (September 28), Apl announced that his imprint, Jeepney Music will be accepting donations on behalf of the Apl Foundation online at www.jeepneymusic.com.

So far, 140 people have been reported dead in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, two days after Typhoon Ketsana dumped more than 16 inches of rain on the city. 

The storm, known locally as Typhoon Ondoy, has caused over $30 million in damages including lost crops, damaged roads and bridges.

While the waters have receded from most of Manila’s flooded areas, some parts of the city remain cut off, while mud and garbage make travelling around the rest of the city difficult.

As a result, many of the city’s 15 million residents are still trapped in flooded houses and looking for missing relatives. As a result, the death toll is expected to rise.

"My heart is broken to see so many of my Filipino brothers and sisters hurt by this disaster,” said Apl, who was recently named the Creative Ambassador to his homeland. “We must all bond together and move forward to restore the city we hold dear. I'm asking the global community for their support and donations to assist the thousands of Filipinos affected by this tragedy."

As the hurricane rages on towards Vietnam, officials in the Philippines have also reached out to the international community for support.

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo called the storm “an extreme event that has strained our response capabilities to the limit.”

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime typhoon,” she said in a statement. “We are continuing the rescue efforts until everyone in danger is accounted for.”

In a nationally televised update on the situation, local defense secretary Gilberto Teodoro added that the government is “appealing for international humanitarian assistance” as the administration continues to come under fire for it’s delayed response to the tragedy.