AR-AB Shares His Thoughts On Meek Mill And Philadelphia's "Crooked" Cops

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"I'm glad all this sh*t is coming to the light."

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia's law enforcement took a big blow to its credibility when reports emerged that the District Attorney’s Office secretly compiled a list of police officers that had a history of lying in court, racial bias, brutality, or abuse of power. The cop that originally arrested Meek Mill in 2007 was included on that list.

The exposé by The Philadelphia Inquirer could help Meek see his probation violation overturned and get released from prison. Fellow Philadelphia rapper AR-AB has also dealt with experiencing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's correctional institutions.

"I'm glad all this sh-t is coming to the light. These cops in Philly been crooked," AR-AB told Report Card Radio. "I went to jail several times and sat in jail for things I didn't do. I've watched ten, twenty, thirty people get railroaded how they railroaded Meek Mill."

The Protocol Vol. 4 mixtape creator added, "That's what it took - for it to happen to a celebrity - so motherf-ckers could see. Now the whole world's eye is on Philadelphia's judicial system. Everybody's watching now."

AR-AB also suggested that even though it's "f-cked up" what happened to Meek, the revelations in his case could be the catalyst for change in the city. He stated, "Maybe his situation could save a lot of people. They can't do us like that no more."