Are 50 Cent's Extravagant Legal Fees Keeping Rick Ross' Baby Mama From Her Money?


Photo via 50 Cent's Instagram

One of the mother's of Rick Ross' children, Lastonia Levistion was awarded $7 million in damages to be paid by 50 Cent for intentionally "leaking" her sextape, but 50 has yet to make any payments. Leviston is now challenging the nearly $124K in expenses that 50's bankruptcy lawyers are seeking over at Brewer Attorneys & Counselors. She believes the expenses are expensive and extravagant. Levingston is also questioning the fact that 50's team spent thousands on court reporter fees, extravagant hotels, travel expenses, and legal research, when her own team spent less than $3K on the same trial. 50's team doesn't seem too worried. They believe their expenses were reasonable. Do you think 50 will have to pay up?