Are Swedish Authorities Attempting To Starve A$AP Rocky Into Admitting Guilt?

A$AP Rocky is being kept in terrible conditions according to reports.

(AllHipHop News) A$AP Rocky is being held in terrible conditions according to the latest reports on the embattled rap star, who is facing assault charges in Stockholm, Sweden.

The world famous rapper is being detained in a "disease-ridden" facility and is sleeping on a yoga mat.

Other sources say the rapper has eaten only an apple a day during his first five days in confinement.

The rapper and two members of his entourage stand accused of punching a man in the street during the altercation, which was caught on camera.

The rapper later defended himself by publishing footage taken in the lead up to the brawl, showing him trying to de-escalate the situation with no luck.

Another video surfaced of the same man charging at Rocky and striking the rapper's bodyguard with a pair of headphones before the situation exploded and resulted in the hecklers getting a minor beat down.

Swedish authorities are currently holding A$AP Rocky, as they ponder assault charges against him.