Arrest Warrant Issued For Author Kody 'Monster' Scott

An arrest warrant

was issued for Kody "Monster" Scott, landing the best-selling author

on The Los Angeles Police Department's new list of 'Top 10 Most Wanted Gang Members,'

for an alleged car jacking. Scott,

also known as Sanyika Shakur, authored the autobiography Monster: The Autobiography

of an L.A. Gang Member from prison, which detailed his life growing up in

Los Angeles as an Eight-Tray Crips gang member According

to The Los Angeles Times, an arrest warrant was issued on Dec. 15, after

Scott allegedly struck an associate in the face and took his car. Another

warrant was issued Feb. 1, claiming that Scott failed to appear in court when

subpoenaed as a material witness in a homicide case. "He

was just too involved in the culture of gangs; he couldn't get away," Sgt.

Manny Santoyo told The Los Angeles Times. "He chose that life."


speculated that Scott's inclusion on the list with murderers was pay back by Police

Chief William J. Bratton. The

Times reported that Scott was the subject of an alert issued by the LAPD over

a year ago, because he had publicly threatened Chief Bratton.The

warrants come during a crackdown on gangs announced by Chief Bratton and Los Angeles

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. According

to police, Los Angeles has seen a 14 percent increase in gang crime and a 160

percent hike in the San Fernando Valley. Last

week, the mayor and the police chief released a list, which named the city's 11

worst gangs. Those gangs are now the target of investigations."Los

Angeles county and city is, unfortunately, the gang capital of America,"

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said.

According to his autobiography, Scott started gang banging at the age of 11, when

he was inducted into the Crips. Scott

served seven years in prison assaulting a crack dealer. When he was released,

he turned his life around, converted to Islam and renounced violence. Sgt.

Santoyo said that Scott's whereabouts are unknown.