Arrest Warrant Issued For Beanie Sigel Over Child Support

Police issued an arrest

warrant for Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel yesterday charging him with failing

to pay child support.

Today (Nov. 10), Sigel was jailed by a Philadelphia Family Court

judge and sentenced to six months in prison until he pays $26,000 in child support

and $2,000 in fines.

The judge ordered Sigel to pay the money to two different mothers,

whose identities was kept confidential.

The rapper paid the back child support and was released shortly


Sigel, born Dwight Grant missed two child support cases he was

supposed to attend yesterday (Nov. 9). Assistant District Attorney Maria McLaughlin

said the arrest warrant and subsequent incarceration was because Sigel failed

to appear in court and owed the substantial amount of child support.

Sigel’s attorney Fortunato Perri said Sigel’s absence

was due to an oversight in court dates and said that the matter would be resolved.

Last month, Sigel’s step-father Sam Derry was shot and

killed and then set on fire. Police arrested a 22-year-old named Kevin Green

for the crime.

Shortly afterwards Sigel was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury

for an undisclosed reason.

In Sept., Sigel was acquitted of attempted-murder charges in

relation to a 2003 shooting in front of a Philadelphia bar.