Arrested Development Taking On Fox

Arrested Development is taking on Fox Broadcasting, Imagine Films Entertainment and New World Communications, alleging the companies infringed on their trademark of the name "Arrested Development," the same name of a television series that premiered this month."The use of our name by FOX is not only confusing to the public, but also has the potential to significantly dilute what the 'Arrested Development' name means to our fans," Arrested Development's Todd "Speech" Thomas said in a statement.The lawsuit was filed on October 16 in DeKalb County, Georgia Superior Court on October 16.Fox settled a similar lawsuit almost ten years ago when Living Colour, the rock band, filed a trademark infringement suit against the popular comedy show, "In Living Color.""FOX has no more right to use 'Arrested Development' for its show than a band would have to name itself after one of FOX's sit-coms," Thomas said.