Arrests Made At Hot 97's Summer Jam

Summer Jam Is Off The Chain!

There have reportedly been several arrests at Hot97's Summer Jam Concert at MetLife Stadium tonight.

New Jersey State Police has sent out more officers donning riot gear to help with the crowd, according to New York's local ABC News.

Other reports have suggested that attendees have pelted the police with bottles and other items. Pepper spray has been released into the crowd, according to sources.

Some social media posts have suggested that all ticket holders were not admitted to the venue and were also not granted a refund immediately.

In the comments section on a news site said:

"This story is not accurate. I was there and someone pulled out a gun. My tickets were over $350 and I spoke to the insurance department. Ticket master over sold the tickets ....... I was standing in one section and they grouped everyone in another section while a helicopter was hovering like they knew something would happen because of this situation. I just arrived back at my hotel and I don't remember seeing police in gear. I was ducking in diving behind cars like I was in a video game."

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It's a fucking riot outside of Met Life man. People rioting. Throwing bottles at the cops

— Ty Ty (@KaylarWill) June 8, 2015