Art Of Rap Festival Expands With New Deal And Massive Lineup Of Legends

This year's Art Of Rap Festival will be the biggest yet according to founders Mick Bentson and Ice-T.

(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper/actor Ice-T and longtime business partner Mickey Bentson are expanding their annual Art Of Rap Festival this year.

This year, the Art Of Rap Festival has teamed with Adler Music Group to make the upcoming tour the biggest since the festival launched in 2015.

Mick Bentson and Ice-T have assembled over a dozen legendary hip-hop groups, who will tour the country as headliners of the festival.

Chiefrocker Busy Bee will host a lineup that includes Bone Thugs & Harmony, Eric B. & Rakim, Naughty By Nature, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, KRS-One, EPMD, Slick Rick, Roxanne Shante, Onyx, Big Daddy Kane, Sugarhill Gang w/ Melle Mel & Scorpio, AOR founder Ice-T and others.

“The Art of Rap is more than just a concert or festival—it’s a celebration of this magical force called ‘hip-hop’ in all of its many faces, from emceeing to b-boyin’ to graffiti," Art Of Rap Co-Founder Mickey Bentson told "This even will remind you of the days of attending neighborhood block parties while honoring the power of hip-hop culture and its ability to unify everyone through art and music.”

In addition to the performers, AOR will host a multimedia celebrating the elements of hip-hop culture, including b-boying, graffiti art, and DJing.

“Hip-hop is the most powerful and influential cultural movement since rock and roll. A true art form that deserves respect,” said AOR Co-Founder Ice-T.

If you are interested in booking the Art of Rap, please contact Erik Abel from Adler Music Group at Erik(at)