Artists Outraged At Star Of Hot 97


drew the wrath of Jay-Z and Q-Tip, after the self proclaimed

"hater" of New York's Hot 97 poked fun at

Aaliyah's plane crash, which took the young singer's

life. Star was giving the address to send Aaliyah's

relative's flowers, while dubbing in sound effects of

plane crashes and people screaming. Most people did

not see the humor, including his co-host Miss Jones,

who cursed on air and walked out, refusing to work with

Star for the remainder of the day.

Right now

it's 850, Ms Jones has left the building, said that

she would not work with me today, all because of this

Plane Crash," Star continued."Is that so bad?

Come on, show me some hate, call me and show me how

much you hate me, some of you just lost focus,"

Star said while sounds of a crashing plane played in

the backround.

Later on

in the day during the Angie Martinez show Q-Tip, (Kamal)

called in where he read a letter addressed to the radio

station. In the letter he stated that he was grieving

for the loss of Aaliyah and that he would no longer

support their morning show because of the insensitivity

displayed earlier in the airing of script.

Jay-Z, CEO

of Roc-A-Fella Records also called in to express his

disgust with Star's insensitivity. When the heat was

put on, Star changed his usual demeanor and apologized

several times to the fans, friends and family of Aaliyah,

especially Dame Dash of Roc-A-Fella, who recently used

Star and partner Bucwild in a movie featuring Jay Z

and was allegedly seeing Aaliyah.

If you are

upset over Star's comments and think he should be removed

from the radio show, send an email to

or call 212.229.9797 (HOT 97) or 818.784.4718 and let

them know/