Ashanti Dismisses Nelly Rumors, Sticks By The Inc.

R&B singer

Ashanti recently shared her thoughts on the ongoing federal investigation of

The Inc. record label to which she is signed the rampant rumors of a romantic

link between her and Nelly.

The New York Daily

News recently reported that Nelly was frequently spotted on the set of Ashanti's

upcoming feature film debut "Coach Carter."

"Nelly would

bring her organic vegetarian meals all the time because she didn't like the

commissary food," a source told the Daily News.

Ashanti's co-star

Samuel L. Jackson also confirmed in an interview, "Let's just say I ate

more craft service because Nelly wasn't bringing food to me every day."

Ashanti has denied

an amorous relationship with the St. Louis rapper, stating to,

"Me and Nelly [are] just cool, we [are] just friends."

A rumor that Ashanti

would distance herself from The Inc. as a result of a pending federal investigation

of label associates for murder, drug dealing and money laundering connections,

is also untrue the singer stated.

"There was

never any truth to that. Its like everyone goes through a little bit of drama,

and it would be different if it was just business and they were all just acquaintances,

but that's my family," Ashanti told "Every one goes

through their hard times, but they had so much to do with my career. It wouldn't

make sense for me to bounce."

Ashanti added that

she had little knowledge about the investigation, calling it unfortunate, and

she hoped it would end. Regarding The Inc. label mate Ja Rule and his return

to the rap scene after a short hiatus, Ashanti said, "Ja is feeling great

because the reception has been incredible and the shows he did a little something,

something I was heated when I heard about what happened with Jay. I was in Van

when I found out what happened with Jay and R. He did a couple more dates with

Jay and the reception was incredible. You hear New York at least 500 times a


Many hip-hop fans

are wondering about the future of the remaining artists on The Inc., including

Charli Baltimore and Tah Murder.


we all ask what's gonna happen, and what I get is, it doesn't make sense to

come out without a big bang, and you know, not sell any records," Ashanti

said. "Once you put a single out there and it doesn't work you don't necessarily

want to put your album out after that. And you wanna go for a million plus,

you don't just want to go gold."

According to Ashanti,

the situation with her label mates Charli Baltimore and Tah Murder, who have

seen little exposure lately, is about coming out at the right time.

"For each

of them - Charlie, Tah, Black Child and everybody - you know, that takes time.

With me, Ja, and then the newest edition, Lloyd, everyone wants their exact

right shine," Ashanti said. "You don't wait this long to just put

any thing out and try to struggle."