Ashanti Gets The Internet Worked Up By Modeling Sexy Pics Of Her Clothing Line

The popular singer is branching out into a new line of business.

(AllHipHop News) Singer Ashanti is looking to expand her talents into the fashion industry with a new collection with designer Isabel Deng.

Ashanti is the new collaborator and face of Deng's New York fashion line Miss Circle, which features form-fitting and glamorous pieces.

"My motto has always been to stay classy and sassy and sexy, not trashy," she said. "I think that I always try to inspire women to be bosses and demand respect. You can still be sexy and swaggy and be the boss."

Ashanti has been wanting to create a fashion line for a long time and felt she was now ready as she prepares her music comeback and promotes an upcoming movie titled Stuck, which she executive produced and is starring in.

"This is a very visual industry, so I feel like the more things that you're a part of and the more that you're able to show your brand and your style and who you are in different fashions, the better off you are," she adds.

"It's really important not to put all of your eggs in one basket or to be one dimensional," she added.