Ashanti Weighs In On Irv Gotti Rapping

While Ashanti isn’t the epitome of hip-hop culture, she took a moment with to comment on boss Irv Gotti and his rap aspirations.

"I think Irv is destined to become an artist," the multi-platinum artist said of the mini mogul. “He has so much charisma and he loves being on stage.”

Even though Gotti has no immediate plans to begin spitting on full-length albums, Ashanti said she anticipates he will do well. Gotti does spit an 8-bar rhyme on The Inc album and also produced and rapped on the newest single by Toni Braxton.

“He's just waiting for the right time and I think it will be hot. A lot of people are going to want to know what he has,“ the self-proclaimed Princess of Hip-Hop said.

Ashanti said that Gotti’s business savvy is quelled in the rap world.

“It's funny because I was just talking to him the other night and he was actually rhyming on someone's record. He was like 'is this hot? Tell me

how it sounds,’” she said of his confidence. “Gotti's album should be really dope. It should do really well."

In the past, Gotti said he would drop his solo set after a few more platinum records from his Murder Inc crew.