Asher Roth Helps End Airplane Bomb Threat

AllHipHop Staff

Asher Roth made his first headline outside of music today (January 7), as the rookie sensation helped subdue a man claiming to have a bomb.The incident happened during an early morning, 230-passenger Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.Before the descent into LAX airport, a male flight attendant began screaming from the plane's rear for help with an unruly passenger.Roth and Chris Llewellyn, bassist for the rapper's band, immediately rushed to the attendant's aid along with several other passengers."The suspect was yelling, 'Don't come near me, I have a bomb, I have a bomb!" Llewellyn later told the Los Angeles Times.With that proclamation, the suspect then allegedly lunged for the plane's rear emergency exit door.From there, Roth and the rest of the passengers tackled the man and restrained him until authorities arrived."We all jumped him," Llewellyn stated. "He was struggling hardcore. I was holding down his arm. Somebody had a foot on his head. Everyone was holding down a different body part. He was going nuts. I was telling him to chill because he's not going anyplace."At press time, the suspect is expected to be charged with assaulting a flight attendant, and possibly for making terroristic threats.Asher Roth and his band are in Los Angeles to perform on "Last Call with Carson Daly."Roth's still untitled debut album is tentatively scheduled for a March release.