Asher Roth Talks To AllHipHop About "Pabst and Jazz" & Def Jam Deal


(AllHipHop News) Newly signed Def Jam artist Asher Roth released his new mixtape, Pabst and Jazz, yesterday (December 20).

The new project features appearances from Action Bronson, Pac Div, Chip Tha Ripper, Rockie Fresh, Phil Ade, and more.

Roth's beats are concocted primarily by production duo Blended Babies on 14 out of 16 songs, while Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids and 1500 or Nothin each have a song as well.

Recently, got the chance to speak to Asher about his newly signed deal at Def Jam.

"Major labels are major labels; it is what it is. You’re dealing with a monster, and a lot of people, and a lot of agendas, and a lot of egos," he said. "But I feel fresh, I feel brand new, and I feel excited, and Def Jam is excited. I feel like they understand what we’re up to, and I think they really believe in what we’re trying to do, and that this isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s something that you build through hard work, focus, and discipline. They get all of that."

He continued, "They also understand that the rules have changed with digital music, and they are one of the few record labels that do...They have to understand new artist development and doing the small things to help an artist succeed, because it’s not about just throwing a song on the radio and becoming huge; that’s not really how it happens, and when it does, it’s lightning in a bottle. I think they believe that I have the talent necessary, and now it’s just about applying the work ethic, and I’m excited, man. How could I not be? But there is a lot of work ahead of me."

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