Asian Dub Foundation Producing Opera On Gadhafi

The life of Libyan leader Moammar

Gadhafi, will be turned into a musical

by the English National Opera.

Dance/Hip-Hop collective

Asian Dub Foundation has been selected to create the opera and

rapper JC001 tentatively has the lead role of Gadhafi.

The work will trace

Gadhafi’s rise to power, from outcast to ruler of a country with one of

the world’s largest oil reserves.

The opera’s

chorus will play the role of Gadhafi’s world renowned team of glamorous

female bodyguards.

The English National

Opera, which is battling a multi-million dollar debt, is attempting to attract

a younger audience.

Last month, they

staged the third act of composer Richard Wagner's “Die Walkure”

to thousands of rock fans at the Glastonbury music festival.


opera is slated for February of 2006.