Atlanta Denies Urban Hip-Hop Fest Permit

The city of Atlanta denied the Urban Hip-Hop

Festival a permit to perform at Turner Field today (March 5.).

"The Hip-Hop Action Network will continue

to negotiate an alternative site in Atlanta for our Hip-Hop Peace Summit and

Festival," Dr. Benjamin Muhammad, President of HSAN told

The festival was expected to draw over 100,000

people to the city and was to coincide with the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's

annual Hip-Hop Summit.

Atlanta's Chief of Staff Greg Pridgeon said the

Urban Hip-Hop Festival organizers failed to provide critical details relevant

to the organization of the event.

Among the details not provided were how many

people were expected to attend, who was sponsoring the event, failed to provide

an internal security plan, failed to provide a specific location within the

city where the festival was to be held and failure to furnish a fully paid public

liability damage insurance policy from an insurance company licensed to do business

in Georgia.

"It is still in our reach," Dr. Muhammad

continued. "Stay tuned, where there is a will, there is a way."