Atlanta Rap Scene Shaken Up As Ying Yang Twins, Producer Mr. Collipark Part Ways

A major change

in the landscape of Southern Hip-Hop has taken place, as Atlanta rap giants Michael

"Mr. Collipark" Crooms and Ying Yang Twins have parted ways and will

no longer work together. The

announcement comes days after the release of the Twins' new album Chemically

Imbalanced, which hit stores November 28.Chemically

Imbalanced will be the final release the group will release for Mr. Collipark's

Collipark Music record label."We've

done five albums together and I just think we have done all we can together,"

Mr. Collipark told "It's everybody wanting to do their own

thing. And sometimes there are disagreements involved. At the end of the day it's

not bitter, it's just people growing apart."Collipark

serves as executive producer of Chemically Imbalanced, along with rapper/producer

Wyclef Jean and Jerry "Wonder" Duplesis.The

production of Mr. Collipark helped take the Ying Yang Twins from a local Atlanta

act, to an internationally known Southern Hip-Hop group. He

was the group's main producer and crafted hit singles for the group like "Whistle

While You Twurk," "Wait (The Whisper Song), Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms.

New Booty" (which featured The Ying Yang Twins) " What's Happnin!/Salt

Shaker ( Remix )" and others. Mr.

Collipark said that a disagreement over the groups creative direction was the

main reason his 7-year plus relationship with the group has come to an end."I

have to be creative and a boss at the same time," Mr. Collipark told

"Artistically an artist wants to do what they want to do. So, its only so

long you can fight that. Rather than go out bad with what we started, just go

do you and I'll go do me. And let the legacy be what the legacy is." The

Ying Yang Twins will remained signed to TVT Records, while Mr. Collipark's label,

Collipark Music will no longer have a professional relationship with the chart-topping

group. Collipark

Music will focus on developing three new Atlanta-area acts in 2007, Kadillak Boyz,

P. Stone and female R&B trio Taurus. Kadillak

Boyz are signed to a deal with Asylum, while rapper P.Stone will release an album

via a deal with Interscope Records. "Kadillak

Boyz are like the muscle of the label," Mr. Collipark said. "I aint

never had no street n***as in my camp but the energy the bring to the table is

crazy. Then you have P. Stone, who is this young, crazy lyrical guy. He's the

future. The whole vibe of music down here [in Atlanta] is going more street. Sonically,

I am looking to reinvent my sound. I want to build Collipark Music into something

that is going to be legendary, something that's not just a bunch of hype, but

a label that puts up numbers."In

addition to concentrating on his new artists, Mr. Collipark will produce upcoming

records by Young Jeezy, Mario, Ciara, E-40, Daddy Yankee and others. Kadillak

Boyz are slated to drop in late 2007 on Asylum, while P. Stone is slated top drop

in 2007 on Interscope Records. Mr.

Collipark is currently in negotiations with several labels for female R&B

group Taurus.The

Ying Yang Twins were not available for comment as of press time.