Atlanta Rapper Alley Boy Talks New Mixtape "Nigganati"

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Alley Boy is preparing to release his new mixtape and movement "Nigganati."

The uniquely titled release is the latest for Alley Boy and his Atlanta-based label, Duct Tape Entertainment which has a distribution deal with Atlantic Records.

"I want people to f**k with us, link up, I'm the voice for all the ni**as who didn't have no plug, all the ni**as that didn't have nobody given them the work when they was trying to come up in the streets," Alley Boy explained. "You know, everybody who had to take their way. This whole nation was built off taking, period. America, period was built off taking."

Alley Boy's new "Nigganati" mixtape is slated to be released later this week, exclusively through

"It's all about us, it's all about everybody in the streets who ain't doing the 9-to-5 thing," Alley Boy continued. "It's just us taking our way, and us making our own way. They say the Illuminati is a just a whole bunch of rich and empowered people doing their thing and they excluding theyselves from everybody else, so this is us excluding ourselves from everybody else too."

"Nigganati" will be available for download free on this Thursday (January 26).

The first single from the mixtape is titled “Whats Going On," which was produced by Tha Bizness and Kuddie Fresh.