Attempt On Joe Buddens Life, Man Runs To Police Station

New Jersey police said that rapper Joe Budden and his entourage were the targets of a failed drive by shooting on October 17, releasing official details on the incident yesterday.Police said that Budden was riding in his Humvee with two passengers in Jersey City, when he came to a stop and a man on a bicycle rode up next to the passenger side window wearing a ski-mask.The man pulled out a handgun, pointed at the passenger and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. The man then pointed the gun at Budden and pulled the trigger, but again the gun failed to fire.Police said the man allegedly exclaimed, "Ah, I'm just playing," and peddled off on the bicycle. Budden followed the gunman, but lost track of him when the man hopped off the bicycle and ran into a nearby doorway.That doorway however, was the Jersey City's West District Police Station. Police took the man into custody and later, found a 9mm handgun with a bullet jammed in the chamber in a garbage can on the police station's front steps.The man was charged with aggravated assault and weapons charges.