Attempted Murder Case Begins for C-Murder

AllHipHop Staff

Yesterday (May 26), court proceedings began for C-Murder (Corey Miller) on attempted second-degree murder charges.

Prosecutors allege the New Orleans rapper tried to kill a bouncer and the owner of a Baton Rouge nightclub in August 2001.

The constant delays in the case were due to the East Baton Rouge district attorney’s office.

Because of Miller’s upcoming, high-profile murder case in Jefferson Parish, East Baton Rouge prosecutors waited until the rapper’s appeal attempt was decided.

According to court documents, the near-fatal encounter occurred when Miller refused to be searched before entering Club Raggs.

After a brief argument, the rapper attempted to fire a semi-automatic pistol at the club owner and a bouncer.

The shooting was averted when the weapon unexpectedly jammed.

On August 3, Miller will begin a retrial on second-degree murder charges for the shooting death of 16-year old Steve Thomas at a Harvey club.

The former No Limit solider was granted a retrial from his 2003 conviction, after an appeal revealed prosecutors failed to disclose the criminal background of 3 eyewitnesses.

C-Murder’s posted $1 million bond requires him to remain under house arrest, with exceptions made for court appearances.

The second-degree attempted murder case is scheduled to end tomorrow (May 28).