Attempted Murder Charges Against Source Execs Dropped, Civil Suit Filed

Two employees of

The Source magazine have been hit with a new lawsuit that stems from

a shooting last year at the Limerick House pub.

Gregory Palmer,

a waiter at the pub, is accusing Source president Leroy Peeples and the

magazine's marketing director Alvin Childs of setting off a shootout that injured

three people, according to the lawsuit, which was filed yesterday (April 11)

in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit comes

a month after attempted murder charges were dropped against Peeples and Childs.

The men are represented by attorney Mel Sachs.


criminal charges against Leroy Peeples and Alvin Childs have been completely

dismissed and I'm extremely confident that the civil charges will be completely

dismissed," Peeples' lawyer Mel Sachs told "Both the

criminal and civil cases are baseless."

The incident, which

occurred July 23, 2005 outside the bar and across the street from The Source's

main office, happened after a group Peeples and Childs were with got into

an argument with Orlando Orenga, a rapper.

The dispute appeared

to be over playing a CD that one of the three injured men presented. As the

fight escalated on to the streets, two men opened fire, according to police,

who detained Peeples and Childs immediately after the shooting.

Among the injured

were a 26-year-old man, who suffered a bullet wound to the head; a 28-year-old

man, who was shot three times throughout his body; and a 30-year-old man who

was shot twice in the arm and torso.

Two of the victims

were cousins and the other victim was a busboy from the bar, according to police.

"I still don't

have full use of my hand and arm almost a year after being shot," Palmer

told the New York Post.


Peeples and Alvin Childs are not responsible for the shooting that occured and

there isn't any evidence to support the fact that they were, in any way, were

the shooters," Sachs continued. "There's a monetary amount in the

complaint. However, his motive and interest is to seek money from the source