Attempted Murder Charges Reinstated Against Trill Ent. Execs

(AllHipHop News) Attempted murder charges have been reinstated against the managers of Hip-Hop label Trill Entertainment, home to rappers like Lil Boosie, Webbie and others. The Louisiana Supreme Court issued the ruling yesterday (December 22nd) in relation to the shooting of local rapper Bruce "Beelow" Moore in 2005. According to sources, Below was shot in the face at point blank range, for allegedly bootlegging artists on the Trill Entertainment label. Two managers of the imprint, which was founded by the late rapper Pimp C., are accused of shooting Below in front of his record store Shop Smart Music and Fashion on July 4th. Marcus Roach and Melvin Vernell Jr. have both been hit with attempted murder and armed robbery charges over the shooting. The pair were originally charged in September of 2005, but they were dismissed in 2006, because prosecutors waited too long to to try the men on the charges. Yesterday, a Baton Rouge court reversed the 2006 decision to dismiss the original charges against the men. “We thought that’s the way the court should rule," said District Attorney Hillar Moore III, who is also leading the investigation into Lil Boosie, who is accused of 1st degree murder in a separate case.Both Vernell and Roach maintain their innocence in the shooting and have vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court.