Attention: Parents, Students And Teachers

Cynthia Nixon, member of the Alliance for Quality

Education and star of "Sex In The City," Russell

Simmons and Minister Benjamin Muhammad of the Hip-Hop Summit Action

Network, together with the United Teachers Federation (more names to be announced


WHAT: A "Mobilization For Education"

march on City Hall to protest Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki's proposed

budget cuts for education. If the budget cuts pass, 1.2 billion dollars will

have been slashed from our children's public school system in 2002 and 2003,

combined. Thousands are expected to march.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 4th at 3:30pm

WHERE: City Hall

WHY: Mayor Bloomberg will make his final budget

proposal for the city on June 5.

Cynthia Nixon, the Alliance for Quality Education

and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network have joined forces to make it clear how

New York feels about these budget cuts to education. They are mobilizing a mass

public response - including everyone from New York parents and students to well-known

celebrities in the entertainment world - to convince Mayor Bloomberg not to

make these cuts.


In January, 2001, the State Supreme Court determined

that the state was failing to provide every child the sound basic education

guaranteed in the State Constitution (Campaign for Fiscal Equity vs. State of

NY). The state was ordered to change the funding formula and adequately fund

schools to fulfill that obligation. The governor appealed that decision shortly

thereafter, and proposed a 2001-'02 state budget with minimal funding for schools.

After he refused to negotiate an increase in education funding, the state legislature

passed a "bare bones" budget that gutted funding to schools across

the state. That appeal is still pending.

At the city level for 2002-'03, Mayor Bloomberg

has proposed $358 million in cuts to the operating budget, plus a contingency

cut of $115 million, and $693 million in school construction and repair cuts,

bringing cuts to education to about $1.2 billion. These new cuts will be experienced

directly in the classroom by our kids.