Audio Tape Of Busta Rhymes Video Shooting Emerges

An audio tape recorded

before the slaying of rapper Busta Rhymes' bodyguard has surfaced and is reportedly

being offered to the media for $50,000.

The 53-minute tape

has not been given to police or prosecutors.

The New York Daily

News reported that the tape includes the argument that set off the shooting

of Israel Ramirez, as well as the voice of the suspected killer, who is believed

to have called Rhymes a "b***h."

In addition, a

transcript of the tape appears to confirm that G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo was a

central figure in the argument.

According to a

source familiar with the tape, the fight resulted when G-Unit members were excluded

from an onstage lineup at the video shoot.

The source further

stated that Rhymes appeared to be playing peacemaker on the tape during the

argument and that the voice of a third man, whose identity is not clear, is

believed to be the shooter. On the recording, that man is heard calling another

man, apparently Rhymes, a b***h, according to the transcript.

Although the fatal

shots aren't heard on the tape since the argument moved outside the studio,

the source told the Daily News that the reaction afterwards was included. "You

can hear screaming and the chaos and the 911 call," the source said.

Brooklyn district

attorney spokesman Jerry Schmetterer hopes whoever possesses the tape or video

"would cooperate with authorities, especially if it provides evidence in

this case.

"It's totally

irresponsible of this person to withhold what could be a vital piece of evidence

in an active homicide investigation," added an NYPD spokesman who spoke

to the Daily News yesterday (Feb. 23).

Ramirez died Feb.

5 during the filming of the remix to Rhymes' single "Touch It." No

one has been charged in the slaying.

Rhymes and others

have garnered criticism from NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly for remaining mum

on the details surrounding the shooting.

Witnesses could

be called to testify in front of a grand jury or face contempt charges.