August Trial Set For Black Mafia Family

For two decades, the Atlanta-based Black Mafia Family (BMF) allegedly ran a cocaine ring that produced an estimated $250 million, but after years of investigation they were busted in 2005. The case will go to trial in August 2007.

Over 30 members of BMF were arrested and three million dollars in cash, two kilograms of cocaine, and various weapons were seized during the 2005 raids.

“The BMF was a sophisticated drug smuggling and money laundering organization, led by brothers that operated in 11 U.S. states and had direct links to Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations,” DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy told in a 2005 story.

BMF was allegedly led by Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, while Flenory’s brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory allegedly led the BMF crew in Los Angeles.

Demetrius Flenory is also accused of using his record label and magazine as fronts for drug money, and Terry Flenory is said to have invested drug money into 404 Motorsports as a silent owner.

Although both Flenory brothers are being charged, attorneys attest that the evidence on Demetrius Flenory is weak.

"Ninety-nine percent is Terry," Demetrius Flenory's attorney, Drew Findling, told Creative Loafing. "We got a few names [of witnesses], but they just make general statements. That's it. There is no specificity."

Along with their major cocaine ring, BMF also had supposed alliances with Hip-Hop star Young Jeezy, Jacob the Jeweler and former son-in-law of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, Tremayne Graham.

A reported code of silence had kept BMF members from giving up any information to officials, but this code of silence was broken when two defendants, Charles Parson and Arnold Boyd, were turned into witnesses

As members of BMF, Parson and Boyd were responsible for running drugs and cash for the organization.

According to a document filed in January, a contractor working on the White House, a name given to the Lithonia, Georgia estate of the Flenory’s, observed people sleeping on the floor of the home “with guns money, and jewelry at their sides.”

According to this same document, when the contractor inquired about the BMF medallions, a BMF member told him that “if [he] had not yet heard of the Black Mafia Family, he soon would."