Australian Immigration Rejects Rapper Ja Rule

AllHipHop Staff

Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule has been forced to cancel a tour of Australia this weekend after running into issues with his visa.

Ja Rule was supposed to perform August 25 at Big Top at Luna Park, but the gig has been scrapped due to “visa processing” delays from the Immigration Department.

The rapper, who has performed in Australia at least twice in the past, is hoping that immigration officials will approve his visa for the re-scheduled date, which is now slated for August 29th.

Australia’s Immigration Department is noted for their strict policies on allowing entertainers with criminal records to enter the country.

Ja Rule’s record label Murder Inc. was famously investigated - and exonerated - of money laundering charges due to the label’s close association with notorious drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

Ja Rule was also arrested and charged with weapons violations in July of 2007, when police stopped him in a Maybach and discovered a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic.

In 2005, the rapper paid a $1,220 fine after pleading guilty to punching a fan in Toronto, Canada.

In April of 2007, Australia officially banned rap star Snoop Dogg from entering until 2008, because he failed the country’s “Character Test.”

Ja Rule is currently working on an untitled new album.