Australians Allow Ja Rule Entry Into Country

AllHipHop Staff

Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule has been given permission to perform in Australia at an event next weekend, after a dispute with Australian immigration officials.

Australian officials announced their decision to allow the rapper to perform today (August 24).

Immigration officials came to the conclusion that Ja Rule is not a threat to national security, and finally cleared his visa.

Last month Ja Rule was forced to cancel a scheduled performance in Sydney on July 31 because he wasn't able to get his visa cleared.

Australia has been known to impose strict regulations on who they allow to perform in the country, and have banned numerous politicians and celebrities who don't fit the country's moral character guidelines.

Speculation about Ja Rule's visa being held up in Australia stems a 2007 incident, in which Rule was arrested for illegal gun possession.

However no official explanation for the hold up has been given, which was considered strange due to the fact that the rapper was previously allowed to perform in the country twice since.

Ja Rule will be performing in an event at Luna Park on Saturday, August 29.