Author Ethan Brown Working On New Book 'Snitch'

Author Ethan Brown is working on the follow-up to his critically acclaimed book

Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent and the Rise of the Hip-Hop Hustler.


will take a critical look at the federal government's use of informants to build

cases, how America's legal system relies on informants, and the rise of the

"snitch" as social anathema within inner-city, Hip-Hop, and youth


"It will

trace the feds' reliance on informants to a series of anti-crime bills passed

by Congress during the 1980's which imposed stiff mandatory minimums for drug-related

crimes and therefore created a situation where defendants are forced to either

plead out--or, more often than not, cooperate with government," Brown explained


"Along the

way, I will be closely examining draconian drug policy efforts such as 'Three

Strikes' provisions and sentencing guidelines that treat five grams of crack

as the equivalent of five hundred grams of powder cocaine."

Queens Reigns

Supreme is also being produced for television, as Tommy Mottola's The Mottola

Company has optioned film and television rights to the book in January.

Snitch will

be published by Public Affairs, a law and policy oriented publishing house.