Authorities Investigating Suge Knight's Role In Las Vegas Assault

Authorities are reviewing

surveillance camera footage, after an altercation between a group allegedly associated

with Marion “Suge” Knight and a taxicab driver took place Sunday morning

(July 3) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to local reports, the incident occured in front of the Palms Hotel and Casino, after the woman was placed into a cab, allegedly intoxicated.

She was removed shortly after entering the vehicle due to her level of intoxication and when the driver asked her for the $3 fair, the woman

allegedly began to assault the driver.

The Taxi Cab Authority alleges Knight and those with him allegedly

threatened the taxi driver, security and the Taxi Cab Authority Police when

they attempted to arrest the woman.

Las Vegas Metro

Police were also called to the scene as well and as of press time, no arrests

were made in relation to the incident.