Authorities Ready To Arrest Suspect In JMJ Murder

According to sources, New York authorities will

arrest Curtis Scoon in connection with the murder of Jam Master Jay in the next

few days. Investigators found DNA evidence at the crime scene that may link

Scoon to the murder.

Scoon has refused to submit to questioning by

authorities and has hired pricey New York attorney, Marvyn Kornberg. Scoon said

via Kornberg that if he was not going to be arrested, he would not submit to

questioning. Kornberg represented

Sources told that several men that

were in the studio the night Jam Master Jay was gunned down actually knew that

Scoon and another man had intentions on gunning him down, but the sources said

that they were not aware that it would happen while they were there. These same

men have refused to offer any information to authorities.

Despite media reports of Jay's murder being the

result of a rap feud, sources said that Scoon felt Jay owed him almost $10,000

and Jay felt that he did not owe Scoon the money. Scoon decided to "turn

up the heat," on Jay after he found out a group Jay was working with secured

a deal with Virgin Records.

Through different middle men, various words were

exchanged between Jay and Scoon, which eventually led to Jay's execution in

his Queen's recording studio.

In more positive news, Adidas will make a commemorative

Jam Master Jay shell top sneaker. The limited edition sneaker will feature Jam

Master Jay's face on the tongue, the letters "JMJ" on the side and

Jay's birthdate and date of death on the back.

The sneaker will be sold in select markets throughout

the country. If the shoe sells well, Adidas will make different colors once

a year to honor Jam Master Jay.

Russell Simmons has purchased a building in Queens,

New York which will be painted with a mural of Jam Master Jay. The mural will

be repainted as needed to keep Jay's legacy alive in Queens.