Authorities Suspect Trick Daddy Is Hiding Kidnapper

Ryan Richard "Tater

Head" Hobbs, an associate of Trick Daddy, is being sought by the Opa Locka

Police department for kidnapping his daughter. Authorities suspect that Hobbs

may be hiding in Trick Daddy's house, a charge the rapper denies.

Police describe Hobbs

as a career criminal and claim that he kidnapped his daughter Mariah at gunpoint

from her mother last week. Mariah has since been returned to the mother safely,

but police are still seeking Hobbs. Authorities say this is the second time

in three months that the Hobbs has kidnapped the child.

"The baby was in

a carrier and he grabbed the carrier, he forced it out of her hand, and put

it in his vehicle and fled," said Rex Galindo of the Opa Locka Police Department.

Trick Daddy, who is preparing

for the release of his latest album, Thug Holiday, acknowledges that

he is friends with Hobbs, but denies any involvement. "If yall be watching

the news, the police right now, the FBI and some other motherfu*ckers, they

got a man hunt [for Tater Head]. They talkin bout he kidnapped his baby and

all that sh*t. That's my dog." Trick Daddy told "If

they go in my shit, I'm going to be pissed."

On a more positive note,

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