Avatar Records Readies 'N.V.A. – Straight From The Crates, Vol. I'

Avatar Records, best known for its hit soundtrack

to the HBO Television series, “OZ,” is gearing up to release N.V.A.

– Straight From The Crates, Vol. I on January 28, 2003.

The N.V.A. is a compilation that highlights underground

lyrical heavyweights, including Pharcyde f/ Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Mos

Def, Ras Kass and Blackmoon among others. The talents of today’s top beatmasters,

like DJ Babu, Da Beatminerz, Ayatollah, Joey Chavez, and DJ Khalil are also

showcased on the album.

Employing a unique retail strategy, the singles

from the N.V.A. will be distributed on vinyl format only upon their releases.

Created and geared specifically for the underground, the first three singles

– “Hard Times” by Pharcyde f/ Jurassic 5 (Top 5 at College radio),

“The Way” by Blackmoon (#1 at college radio) and “Workin It Out”

by MOs Def (sure to be #1 at college radio) – are already buzzing on both

radio and on the streets. Here is the tracklisting:

The track listing is as follows:

1.“Speakin’ The Truth” – Rakaa and Babu of Dilated Peoples

2.“Workin’ It Out” – Mos Def

3.“The Way” – Blackmoon

4.“ Do You Know “ – Saigon

5.“Clas ical Hit” – Phil da Agony f/ Planet Asia

6.“Whirlwind” – Joey Zozza f/ Proof and Kon Artist of D12

7.“Girl In The Picture” – Jon Notty f/ Joni Mitchell

8.“Hard Times” – The Pharcyde f/ Charli 2na and Akil of Jurassic


9.“Verbal Murder” – Ras Kass

10.“The Nexus” – Grouch and Eligh f/ Mystic

11.“Ya Get, Ya Get-- Korsican Brothers