Awards Show Honors Philly Hip-Hop Legends

The 5th Annual Philadelphia

Urban Legend Awards will take place Friday, November 5th at the Wiliarie’s

Cultural & Performing Arts Complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This year’s

awards gala is hosted by Philly radio legend Lady B., who hosted an influential

Hip-Hop radio show “Street Beat,” that provided the backdrop for

many lovers of the genre in the mid-80’s.

“The awards

were created to recognize pioneers & artists instrumental in the creation

and evolution of the Philly hip-hop movement,” event organizer Docta Shock


This year’s

award recipients include Tuff Crew, who hit big in the late 80’s with

their single “My Part of Town,” Larry Lar, who hit in 1991 with

his song "Larry (That's What They Call Me).

Record store owner

Bruce Webb will receive 'The Jocko Henderson Lifetime Achievement Award,"

named after the legendary rhyming DJ Doug "Jocko" Henderson.

Past recipients

include Schoolly D, the godfather of “gangsta rap”, DJ Cash Money,

world renown turntablist, Bobby Dance, legendary hip-hop club owner/promoter,

Philly rap kings, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith, Mr. “Double Dutch Bus”,

rap crew Three Times Dope and others.

The event costs

$10 to attend and kicks off at 7pm.