AZ Not Going To The ROC

Contrary to sources close to the situation, AZ is not about to sign to Roc-A-Fella Records as it was mentioned in AllHipHop's rumor section.

"I doubt it," he said to, suggesting their may be truth in the rumor.

"No, I am not trying to get on The Roc," the Brooklyn-bred rapper said, totally refuting the rumors.

The rapper did say he had high hopes in securing his imprint, Quiet Money, a deal with a major label similar to The Roc.

"I'm trying to latch on to a major label like they did," he said, "I want to get with Interscope, Def Jam, J Records or something like that."

The Brooklyn native said that he already has a crew of rappers and singers on the Quiet Money label. AZ said he still scouts talent, but will be extremely selective when choosing new members to his fledgling crew.

“I’m just looking for originality, something that can impress me. I’m not that easy to impress.” The first single from Aziatic, “I’m Back,” features El Shaber and the rest of the Quiet Money stable includes rappers Trav, Nova, Animal and several other artists.