AZ Off Motown, Preparing New Album

After releasing two critically acclaimed albums

for Motown, rapper AZ is a free agent and is no longer signed to the label.

He is currently working on material for his third album.

"From the Sosa bootleg on the streets,

it got that buzz out there and Motown wanted to lock in with me," AZ explained

to "We did an album with options. The first one was 9

Lives, it did so so. We decided to another one, which was Aziatic.

I feel like I put my good foot forward and they didn't do what they had to do"

AZ said that he had no bitter feelings toward

the label, but said that they were moving in a different direction. "Motown

is a good label, but they are dealing with that Neo-Soul," AZ continued.

"No disrespect to them, but Hip-Hop is not their specialty. I need a good

team in order to win."

AZ said that he is weighing his options carefully,

making sure that he aligns himself with a label that can properly market and

promote his music.

"I got a few people at the table, but I

am trying to weight my options and see what's gonna be best for me. We went

through a dispute to get off of Motown, I don't want to relive that. They finally

let me off like 3 weeks ago, so it feels really good to be free and have options.

Now that I am free with no strings attached, I feel like I am on parole."

AZ is currently in the preproduction phase of

his third album, tentatively titled Alpha/Omega.