Azealia Banks Clowns Iggy Azalea Over Her Detox Tea Ads

AllHipHop Staff

The New York rapper is doing something she knows very well - trolling.

(AllHipHop News) Controversial MC Azealia Banks made fun of her rival Iggy Azalea, suggesting she must be "broke" now that she is promoting a detox tea.

Iggy has been advertising the meal replacement shakes from the Flat Tummy Co.

Iggy posted some sexy pictures of herself in sweatpants and a sports bra on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

"Y'all can't even hate on it," she began the caption. "@flattummyco's meal replacement shakes have gotten me more definition in my tummy without losing my a##, and they're 20% off RIGHT NOW."

The post caught the prowling eyes of Azealia Banks, who didn't waste any time in poking fun at Iggy.

"Awww, iggy is Broke (sic)," Banks wrote over a screenshot of Azalea's Twitter post, which she shared on her Instagram Story timeline. "I remember when I had to do flat tummy tea ads for a little weave money. Those were rough times. And she had the nerve to make fun of my soap. Yikes."

Azealia was referring to Iggy's jabs for promoting her new Cheapy XO soap brand on social media.

Azealia did make a funny prediction about the future of Azalea's career.

"Never hating on a girls hustle, but I predict she will be moving back in with her parents in Australia soon," she added. "I can throw you a bone and pay you to promote the Kangaroo Jane shampoo bar if you are interested."