Azealia Banks Debates Ebro Darden On Beefs Between Female Rappers

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The radio host and the rapper troll each other on Beats 1.

(AllHipHop News) One of the most watched Ebro In The Morning interviews on YouTube is the 2014 conversation with Azealia Banks. Ebro and Azealia connected again, this time for Apple Music's Beats 1.

The chat was set up to premiere AB's new song “Anna Wintour." However, they quickly got into an exchange about the bickering between female rappers, such as Banks repeated online jabs at Cardi B.

"You really want to be part of the catfight, Ebro," offered Azealia. He shot back, "No, I just want to know why females can't work together. Banks responded, "You n-ggas in Hip Hop love that sh-t." Ebro then said, "Nobody forced you to tweet at Cardi B."

"Just enjoy the f-cking fight and stop trying to get in between us," said the Harlem-raised entertainer. Azealia also called Ebro an instigator and suggested he let the women handle the conflicts themselves. The Hot 97 personality then accused Banks of trying to use the tactic of emasculating him.

When Ebro questioned Azealia not wanting him to know the origins of her issues with Cardi, the 26-year-old replied it shouldn't be important to him. She countered, "Like I said the first time, play music."

Additionally, Banks said she would like to talk to Angie Martinez about her disputes with other female celebrities. Martinez used to be a long-running host on Hot 97 before moving to rival station Power 105.1.

"You're just going to inflame the situation, Ebro. I know you and you don't understand the nuances of female interaction," said AB. "You really don't care, you just want the clip. I'd rather give the clip to Angie Martinez."

Azealia Banks is planning to drop her Fantasea II: The Second Wave album this summer. Busta Rhymes may appear on the project.

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AB is only known for talking $hit to everyone...Jayz,RZA,Eminem,50,Remy,Nikki,Cardi, 69, etc. she has no "musical" talent