Azealia Banks Formally Apologizes To Elon Musk

“I feel terrible about everything.”

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks has turned over a new leaf.

To backtrack, the Harlem singer recently took to Instagram to vent about a recent visit to Elon Musks home in Los Angeles.

While she was there to collaborate musically with his then-girlfriend Grimes, what Banks found was far from ordinary. She described the visit as a real [life] episode of "Get Out.

While her no-filter mouth and social media fingers quickly took to IG story to accuse Musk of being on acid while tweeting about taking his Tesla enterprise private, the Harlem rapper has had a change of heart.

Back on her story, she shared a formal letter to Musk apologizing for all the painful events hes endured over the past week.

She begins the note by admitting she feels terrible about everything.

She wrote: In addition to the aforementioned extras, Ive also been told you are a fan of my music. For what its worth, I dont believe in coincidence and Id like to believe, that somewhere in another dimension or on another plane, this interaction happened harmoniously and resulted in positive outcomes for the both of us. This was not how I wanted to say hello.

She ended the letter on a positive note, wishing him life, luck, love, health peace and prosperity things money cant buy.

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EVEN LUNATICS HAVE MOMENTS OF CLARITY.. Doesn't mean they wouldn't do the same thing to you tomorrow.. Words hold no weight without the actions to go with them. & ol' Azealia's full of shit.