Azealia Banks: 'I Want To Pee On Marilyn Manson So Bad'

Azealia Banks has a raunchy fantasy.

(AllHipHop News) Outspoken Azealia Banks has added another item to her bucket list - she wants to urinate on Marilyn Manson.

The controversial hip-hop and R&B star has a reputation for sparking beefs online by attacking her peers and general celebrities, but now she has taken to social media to reveal she has a messy dream of peeing on the shock rocker.

"I want to pee on Marilyn Manson so badly..." she explains. "Half because he’s named himself after a white supremacist and only abuses white women in his videos (meaning I know he would never dare to set foot in a black woman’s yard) and half because I have a strong feeling he likes s##t like that.

"Marilyn Manson definitely needs to get peed on by Azealia Banks. Someone needs to set it up for me to pee on him!!!!"

Meanwhile, Banks has also confirmed reports that she's collaborating with Grimes in New York next week.

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Haven't heard new music in years... Only hear about her foul actions, tearing people down she has nothing to do with & when she's spouting this kind of dumb shit.



Does this woman make music?